18 Months of Growth: My Apprenticeship Journey with an Events Agency

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Over the past 18 months, I have had the incredible opportunity to dive headfirst into the world of events management at ZiaBia. My Business Administration apprenticeship has been a transformative experience. It has provided me with invaluable skills and knowledge.

Here are some of my highlights from the last 18 months, and what I learned along the way…

The first month

I started in December 2021 when the events landscape was dominated by virtual and hybrid.

I was lucky enough to be involved in a gala dinner at the iconic Roundhouse in Camden in my very first week. This was an early lesson in the level of detail and planning which goes into every event. Also a taste of the thrill of being on-site!

The first quarter

April 2022 saw face-to-face events pick up in earnest.

We were soon dealing with a rapid influx of new enquiries. These busiest months really challenged me to work on my time management skills. I learnt to juggle competing priorities without compromising on quality. With no time for mistakes, clear communication was also essential. I’m proud of the small part I played in Team ZiaBia’s collaborative efforts! 

The first six months

In July 2022 I attended the Meetings Show.

This expanded my horizons giving me the opportunity to meet professionals from across the industry. Working in events is all about people, and it was exciting to see this diverse network connecting under one roof! 
By speaking almost daily with venue and supplier contacts as part of my role, I’ve learnt to come out of my shell, and commit to building relationships with those I work with. I am inspired by our contacts and account managers – they have taken the time to exchange friendly words and build connections. A reminder of the importance of the human touch in an industry where it can be easy to rely more and more heavily on automation.

My work anniversary

My 1-year milestone in December 2022 coincided with the addition of RebeccaLaura and Ashton to the team!

It also marked the point in my apprenticeship when I got to take charge of a project. This was alongside the project management training I was receiving at college. This was one of the most rewarding aspects of the apprenticeship. I had the opportunity to steadily take on more responsibility, in tandem with my training. After learning the operational parts of the role, I was soon able to widen my involvement. I started contributing to ZiaBia’s systems and processes and took responsibility for supplier relationships. More recently I have been running training sessions for new members of the team.


As ZiaBia has continued to grow in 2023, so has the variety of experiences.

It is fascinating to research venues from all across the world. I got creative with activity ideas for group yoga sessions, beach cleans, wine tastings and summer parties, to name just a few! 
This variety has been one of the great benefits of working for an events agency. It has required me to become more adaptable, and has been all the more rewarding for this challenge.

I’m now leaving ZiaBia, however it has been a pleasure working with and getting to know every one of the fantastic ZiaBia team 😊 

I’m hugely grateful for the experiences and personal growth this job has given me.

To anyone looking for an entry-level route into events management: take an apprenticeship!

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Paola Davis

Senior Project Manager
Author Bio:
I have been working in the events industry for the past 15 years in various guises. In-house corporate and non-profit, freelancer and co-founding an events trade show. Working with ZiaBia gives me a fantastic opportunity to bring all this experience together.

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