ZiaBia Sustainability Strategy – Spring 2024

ZiaBia Sustainability Action Squad

Sustainability Mission Statement

ZiaBia aims to reduce its environmental impact and will work with our clients, partners, and suppliers to deliver more eco-conscious events, creating a culture of sustainability within ZiaBia and the events industry.


Sustainability has become a crucial aspect of our business operations, not only to mitigate environmental impact but also to ensure long-term success and resilience as ZiaBia continues to grow. Our newly founded internal team, ZiaBia Sustainability Action Squad, are working with Greengage to ensure we are moving towards a more sustainable future.

ZiaBia Initiatives

  • We provide sustainability training and education for employees. Encourage participation in sustainability initiatives through incentive programs, cross overs with wellbeing challenges and suitable recognition.
  • We encourage and support clients to choose more sustainable options for events and continue to provide our full services with planet friendly options in the forefront.
  • By working from home, we have minimised waste generation and all members of the team focus on recycling and reusing products, therefore reducing use of plastics or single use packaging.
  • We have adopted sustainability into our venue find process by understanding which venues have outstanding sustainability programs.
  • We collaborate with suppliers to source eco-friendly materials and products.

We aim to stay informed about emerging sustainability technologies and continually reassess goals and strategies to ensure alignment with our sustainability efforts and goals.

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