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I cannot believe it has been a whole year since I started at ZiaBia. I was instantly welcomed into the fold by such a warm, passionate and knowledgeable team. My role as Event Support Consultant means I am pulled in at various stages of the event process; from the initial venue find to logistics work then delivery, I have enjoyed growing with each project that I am a part of.

Personal achievements

In my first year I have assisted with a range of events in over 10 countries all over the world. From large corporate conferences in Germany to community galas in Ireland, each has taught me so much. Whilst I love the methodical approach to logistics work, creativity and design is also where I thrive. I have created sponsorship packs, designed name badges, drafted bespoke invitations and other event collateral. I recently led the redesign of the brand new ZiaBia website which initially seemed like a mammoth task but I feel extremely proud when we receive such positive feedback from those who have viewed it.

Building strong relationships 

ZiaBia have been instrumental in my development. The support and guidance that I have received from the team members has been so rewarding and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Events are all about people, and over the past year, I’ve had the privilege of building strong relationships with clients, suppliers, and colleagues. Understanding the needs and visions of our clients and translating them into memorable experiences has been incredibly fulfilling. Additionally, working closely with venues and suppliers has furthered the importance of communication and negotiation, ensuring every event runs smoothly.

Overcoming challenges

As always in our line of work, it isn’t always smooth sailing and there were plenty of challenges along the way. From last-minute venue changes to broken lifts in a seven-storey building, each hurdle presented an opportunity to learn and grow. These experiences have instilled in me a sense of resilience and further confidence to tackle future obstacles head-on.

What’s next?

I certainly have big aspirations and know that ZiaBia have plans for me too. I look forward to getting involved with more projects and developing both personally and professionally. In another years’ time I envisage I will have seen more places, doubled the knowledge that I currently have and produced even more digital creations!

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Kim Davison

Event Support Consultant
Author Bio:
My background ranges from hospitality to theatre production to events, all of which require the attention to detail, focus and drive that the team at ZiaBia equally share.

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