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To set aside one event from another, there needs to be a ‘WOW’ factor. When planning, we always focus on how we can elevate the project to execute something that will be memorable for our delegates. ‘WOW’ will mean different things to different people, so below we offer some generic elements that we always consider when creating our clients memorable events. A ‘WOW’ factor doesn’t have to blow your budget, it can be showing thought and attention to detail.

The Venue Is Key

The right venue choice goes without saying. The first details that a delegate usually receives regarding an event will be the venue, so you need to make an impact if this is your focus. Something quirky. Somewhere new. Something iconic within the events industry. Or throw your delegates a curveball and send them somewhere they may never have heard of before. You absolutely do not need to have an infinite budget in order to contract a venue that your delegates will remember. 

Entertain Your Delegates

This one is very dependent upon the agenda of your event. Arranging entertainment for your attendees will always go down well; whether it is following an intense day of meetings or to add to the atmosphere of the gala dinner. However if there isn’t an appropriate time for it in the event agenda, do not force it – sometimes less is more! Entertainment is a great tool for encouraging networking and overall good experiences for your delegates. An aspect that can often raise questions is, will there be enough space? With our preferred partners, we are able to work with you to decide what entertainment is most relevant to your event and suitable for the space available. There are many acts that do not require a large amount of room, and acts that need ceilings that are at least 6m high. So there is always going to be something to fit your requirements. Tech crowd? Perhaps entertainment routed in Virtual Reality or something unexpected like a RoboWars experience. Interactive entertainment – no problem, get everyone involved in a musical activity or a photo challenge. Add a leader board and prizes if they are competitive. 

What’s Your Theme?

We love a theme. It ties together your event and adds that extra refined touch that makes it more memorable for your delegates. Theming is more than just the way the venue is decorated. When we look at theming, we also consider collateral, introducing a dress code, food and beverage and themed content. The possibilities are endless. Even theming less obvious aspects of your event can prove effective. Recently, one of our clients held a Gala dinner in Edinburgh, so for this we researched various Scottish clans throughout history and their respective Tartan to have printed for the table names as a homage to the location. This was very well received by the delegates and the client alike. If you have a limited budget you could use black and white, which is easy to implement, and is cost effective. Use black and white linen, project black and white films, play roaring 20’s music – there you have your theme!

To Summarise

These are just a few of the many ways we can work with you to create a memorable event. This is what we pride ourselves on achieving with our clients. Some more simple than others, but it is important to create something that stays with people, and adds value to their experience. This is what we pride ourselves on achieving with our clients. We can make your event memorable!

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Some people may think that I’m a control freak, I disagree and say I have a passion for events! This includes a fanatical attention to detail and a passion and ability to organise things and find solutions for situations.

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