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It’s hard to believe that six months have flown by since I first ventured into the dynamic world of the events industry. Every day has been a whirlwind of creativity, collaboration, and exciting challenges that have completely reshaped my understanding of what it’s like to work in this lively field.

Why ZiaBia?

As soon as I stumbled upon ZiaBia’s website, I knew I wanted to be a part of their team! It was evident to me that behind the screen lay a group of highly driven, talented, and skilled individuals. What really drew me in during the application process was the strong alignment between ZiaBia’s core values and my own – values that resonate deeply with me and hold significance in all aspects of life. Entering a workplace that places a high value on care has been wonderful, and a significant influence on our ZiaBia culture comes from Laura and her commitment to mental health and wellbeing. The whole team are walking green flags!

My journey so far 

At ZiaBia, a main focus is nurturing relationships with venues and suppliers, which I’ve had the privilege of building through my work with support from the whole team but especially Vicki. Whether it’s applying my experience to find the perfect venue for a client or arranging exceptional entertainment for an event, I’ve found this facet of my role to be incredibly fulfilling.

I have been involved with delivering events and conferences in London, Bristol and overseas in my first six months. Collaborating with clients and suppliers who share our vision to create remarkable experiences is what we thrive on. Nothing beats the satisfaction of executing a flawless event as a cohesive team. There is something magical about the final hour of an event, where we regroup and usually share a giggle and a ‘cheers’ to the work well done!

A significant aspect of my job revolves around the company’s social media presence. It serves as a platform to showcase our achievements and promote our successes to the wider audience, which I consider to be highly important to our clients and suppliers. Collaborating with Kim on our social media calendar is always a highlight in my schedule. Kim has intuitively recognized my strengths in social media content creation and has been incredibly supportive in utilizing these skills to benefit the company.

What’s Next

2024 is going to be a great year for ZiaBia, without a doubt. We are all in gear and driving smoothly through our unique enquiries and quirky briefs. Founding The ZiaBia Sustainability Action Squad has been hugely impactful already and I am so excited to be working with our mini-team to continue with our green efforts and achieve official accreditation.

Would I recommend ZiaBia?


There are aspects of my personal life I have ‘ZiaBia-ed’ – that’s a testament to the expertise and thoughtfulness of our team. Every single person in our team has shared invaluable insights, techniques, and nuances that contribute to delivering exceptionally smooth and memorable events. When it comes to execution, we always go the extra mile.

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MJ Pagett

Event Support Consultant
Author Bio:
I am excited to thrive within the ZiaBia team after developing my passion for events working at a new up-coming luxury events space most recently. As an emotionally driven individual, creating a sparkle of joy and a twinkle in the eyes of clients drives my desire in creating unforgettable events.

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