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During the first year of my apprenticeship in events I have been able to experience amazing opportunities, a growing team and seeing the final product…

How do I put into words the last year of my working life? Do I start with the amazing travel opportunities, from Bristol to Barcelona? Or maybe the incredible events I’ve had the opportunity to work on-site for? Or perhaps the many hours of pre event work that goes into each and every project the team work on? Whatever aspect you want to focus on, being an apprentice in a Bristol / Swindon based Events Consultancy Agency for the past year has been more than I could ever have imagined.

My first week

Within my first week at ZiaBia I had attended a client meeting and a supplier meeting. I was also involved in discussing the new ZiaBia website to be launched in the coming months.

My first month

By the end of the first month I had attended a site inspection in Barcelona and begun working on upcoming events. This included a 3-day residential conference and customer event for a client.

My first six months

Within six months I had been onsite for three events, including an event with over 750 delegates.  I worked on one out of two of the largest delegate management projects we handle as a team and moved into new offices, whilst welcoming a new member to the team.

My first twelve months

Now I am one year in, the team has welcomed another new member, I have now been onsite for a total of six events and I’ve attended one of the largest trade shows in the event industry, as a representative of ZiaBia.

The best bits

One specific aspect I enjoy is the level of responsibility I am trusted with day to day. I still have the support structure in place so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. I am able to to be independent and take initiative with my work, knowing full well that the team are always there to help if needed.

Another aspect that I can’t possibly ignore is being onsite for the events. There’s something so satisfying about finally witnessing the delivery of an event after the countless hours put into creating it. Also, watching the client seeing their event unfold is a great feeling – it adds value to what we do.

The Future

People often ask what my plans are for after my apprenticeship. What will I do? What are my aspirations? Will I stay with ZiaBia?

Personally, I never questioned whether I would stay at ZiaBia. I think it’s massively important to find an environment where you’re encouraged to learn and grow, and where you’re valued and appreciated. This really is what Team ZiaBia is about. So, in answer to the question, once my apprenticeship is completed, I look forward to continuing to develop within my role at ZiaBia and progress to leading my own projects and my own team in the future.

My apprenticeship has opened so many doors and offered me so many opportunities. It has provided me with the vocational training and financial independence I needed, I’m so glad I came across this opportunity.

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Debbie Bell

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Some people may think that I’m a control freak, I disagree and say I have a passion for events! This includes a fanatical attention to detail and a passion and ability to organise things and find solutions for situations.

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