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It’s almost inconceivable that I joined ZiaBia a year ago – these last 12 months have certainly flown by!

The first thing that struck me was the warm welcome I received from the team. They are amongst the most helpful, collaborative, and dedicated people that I’ve ever worked with in this industry. Although we all work incredibly hard, it was immediately evident that the whole team are as passionate about working in the events industry as I am. We all make time for each other, to guide and support when it’s needed.

What I’ve been up to

As Venues and Relationship Manager, I have been busy building a comprehensive database of event suppliers – from venues and hotels to DMCs and entertainment agencies. I have also attended a wide range of industry events. These range from small networking events over dinner through to major trade shows such as The Meetings Show. This is in addition to many other similar opportunities in Europe and beyond.

During the last 12 months I have visited eight different countries as diverse as Denmark and Mauritius. This has definitely fueled my lifelong passion for travel. It also enabled me to discover new venues and locations, and therefore, fresh opportunities for ZiaBia and our clients alike.

Building relationships

We are in the business where good relationships with suppliers is an essential and integral part of what we do and how successful we are. I really enjoy starting, building and maintaining those strong relationships, for my lovely colleagues in the operational team to continue.

Sharing knowledge

One of my favourite tasks is sharing all the latest supplier information with the team. Whether a brand new opening, or temporary closure, the refurbishment of an old favourite. Or even an exciting new team build activity or another fabulous new rooftop bar in London!

I’m presenting these to the team at least twice a month ensuring that they are armed with all the latest updates so that we can all dazzle our clients with our knowledge.

What’s next?

My greatest wish is to continue to grow alongside ZiaBia, doing all that I can to help the agency and the wonderful team flourish and forge ahead to even greater success.

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Vicki Williams

Venue and Relationships Manager
Author Bio:
I have worked in events for over 30 years, having begun my events career within the automotive industry – working on everything from exhibitions, roadshows to product launches and beyond both in the UK and internationally and subsequently moved on to work within an events agency environment where additional experience was gained with many other industries including Pharma, Telecommunications, Banking/Finance and Insurance and more.

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