August 2019: Business goals and project meetings

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August has been all about business goal planning and lots of project meetings for forthcoming events.

Business Goals

For any business it is always important to have ongoing and structured goals reviewed on a regular basis.  As part of ACTIONCoach we plan our goals every 90 days and revisit them on a weekly basis to check in on how they are progressing.

During August we completed our third round of goal setting for 2019. It was also rewarding to take time to look back and see what has been achieved already this year. 

Keeping the team up to date with ZiaBia’s future plans is also vital and setting team members’ KPI’s which support our business goals is a brilliant way to engage everyone in the process.

Project Meetings

Team ZiaBia have several events in the coming months and through into 2020. Therefore project meetings for these have been in full flow during August.

Project meetings are such an essential part of the event process.  As well as allowing all parties to keep in contact they provide the platform to make key decisions surrounding the event.  They also help ensure we monitor and meet our deadlines. 

Project Meeting must haves;

  • Ensure key stakeholders and partners are invited as this will always make the meetings more constructive. The stakeholders may change from meeting to meeting depending on what needs to be achieved
  • Have an agenda, this is key to ensure all relevant topics are discussed
  • Have objectives of what you want the meeting to achieve to keep you on track
  • Make sure that all participants have the opportunity to contribute to the conversation
  • Take minutes and note any action points and who is responsible so these can be revisited in the next meeting

Team ZiaBia

In the July review we announced that we had another new face joining the team in August and Janette Gallagher has now started with us as an Event Support Consultant!  August has seen us conduct more interviews to grow the team again.  We have had such a positive experience with Charlotte coming into the team as an apprentice 1 year ago (you can read more about her experience in her blog) that we contacted Professional Apprenticeships to support in finding our newest team member.  We are thrilled to share the news that our newest team member will start in September to make us a team of 7!  Watch this space for further updates.

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