Five ways to make your event more sustainable

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We only have one planet and we need to take care of it…take a look at our 5 tips for how to make your Corporate Event more sustainable.

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1. Name badges

Most corporate events would have a name badge and often these will contain plastic, consider alternatives to limit the plastic usage.

2. Carbon footprint

Take into account where your delegates are travelling from. Limit your carbon footprint by holding your event in the best location which covers all your event requirements.

  • Can you put on coaches from several locations to save everyone driving?
  • Can delegates take public transport?
  • How many attendees will need to fly in?

3. Single use plastics

  • Will you be sharing any promotional gifts – look to make these sustainable where possible
  • Does the venue still use plastic straws – ask them to swap over to paper or not have at all
  • Does the venue serve refreshments in plastic bottles – ask for them to be served in glass alternatives

 4. Recycle, recycle, recycle

If you have to print handouts for your event, for example if they cannot be shared on-line or via devices, set up clearly marked recycling areas around the venue.

Consider deliveries to the venue for the event and recycle or re-use packaging where possible.

Check the conference room once the event is completed, can you re-use than unused pad at the next conference, can you take the pens that have been left behind back to the office to share with colleagues, can you pop the used paper into a recycling bin….all these small things can start to make a big difference.

 5. Venue

 More and more venues are making changes to become more sustainable, review this information alongside all your other event requirements to choose the venue that best suits all of your requirements.

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Debbie Bell

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Some people may think that I’m a control freak, I disagree and say I have a passion for events! This includes a fanatical attention to detail and a passion and ability to organise things and find solutions for situations.

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