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Winter really does seem to drag on doesn’t it? There is a need to overcome our fatigue, which is hard with the cold months, long dark hours, wet and stormy weather.

After a lovely long festive break (and didn’t we all need this!), it’s no wonder so many of us struggle to get motivated in January. So how do you shake off the fatigue and get your sparkle back?

Recently we had a team chat about how we get back into the work groove when we fancy a duvet week let alone a duvet day.

We have jotted down a few thoughts here in case it helps anyone else get a sense of oomph back.

Get organised

  • Why not set yourself a goal to achieve this year?
  • Write an action plan and a to do list
  • Make it achievable and add in deadlines so actions don’t languish
  • We have been known to add things to the list so we can cross it off again – it all adds to the sense of achievement 😉

Nourish your body

  • Caffeine needs no introduction and hot drinks are gulped down in cold weather so why not switch it up with fruit or herbal teas? Don’t forget you need good old council pop too (water for the youngsters!)
  • We do have to make a concerted effort to steer clear of the biscuit barrel, crisp cupboard and easy takeaways. When we’re short of time we do slow cooker meals that you can prep in the morning and it’s ready when you are. Some of us get the fruit out of the fridge and on our desk so we don’t forget to eat our 5-a-day
  • One of the team spends time at the weekend meal prepping, while listening to their favourite tunes – meaning they can cook fresh dinners every evening 

Release the endorphins

  • We know it’s cold and frosty and maybe even rainy but pull on the wellies and get out on a walk! The fresh air will really do you good especially when you have a lot of work on and feel tied to the desk
  • Do some exercise – go to the gym, have a swim, run or walk with friends (or alone, but be careful in the dark!) or do a yoga session in the living room. The options are endless so there is definitely something right for you!
  • By creating some time where your needs come first you will feel ready to take on anything!

Get the grey matter working

  • Have you tried Wordle yet? It’s the one-a-day word game that is quick and really fun and can be done over breakfast. Get the brain working straight away
  • Sit and read an actual newspaper rather than mindlessly scrolling through the internet. Why not attempt their crossword while you are in the zone?
  • Do some mindful activities such as macrame, origami or colouring in. You are concentrating on the task at hand and will feel super relaxed afterwards

Give your chortle muscles a stretch

  • And last but never least having a good old laugh is the best doom-buster we know!
  • Book a ticket to a comedy show – although feel free to avoid the front row…
  • Watch some really funny telly whether it’s a gameshow, Live at the Apollo, a sitcom or just Gogglebox all will make you feel better
  • And nothing beats laughing with friends and family – charades, quizzes, the After Eight game or a kitchen disco. Get up and make those memories!

What do you think? Would any of these work for you in overcoming any fatigue? Are you doing these already?

We’d love to hear about your top fatigue-busting tips – let us know and we can add to the list!

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Paola Davis

Senior Project Manager
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I have been working in the events industry for the past 15 years in various guises. In-house corporate and non-profit, freelancer and co-founding an events trade show. Working with ZiaBia gives me a fantastic opportunity to bring all this experience together.

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