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We’re sure you’ve heard all about mental wellbeing, probably even more so in the last 18 months than ever before. Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not. Is it a necessary conversation? Absolutely. Looking at this from an event perspective, wellbeing is arguably more important than it ever has been. Considerations need to be made as we continue to move forward as to how people are thinking and feeling in this new ‘norm’ and how your event can be considerate for people and their mental wellbeing, whether that is in a virtual, hybrid or live environment.

Wellbeing in a live environment…

The transition back to into live events is going to be difficult for a number of attendees. We’re all having to get used to being back in a room with people again and we need to be aware that for some, this may cause anxiety and stress. The agenda needs to allow for some blank space and time for reflection. This could be the difference between an enjoyable event for one person and an unbearable event for another.

Wellbeing in a virtual environment…

If you make the decision to keep your events online, that doesn’t let you off the hook with wellbeing. People have screen fatigue, we’ve all spent a year and a half glued to our laptops and phones and you need to be aware of that. As with a live event, your programme needs to allow for attendee ‘me’ time. It can be easy to get carried away with a jam-packed agenda when you can’t physically see your audience, but you still need to give them time to just breathe.

Here are some of our top suggestions to incorporate into your event agenda. These can be incorporated into live, hybrid or virtual events with simple tweaks.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Mindfulness & Meditation Sessions

  • More than ever, since the pandemic, more people have taken to finding a way to relieve stress and have built sessions into their day. Why not offer a choice for people to join in either early before the day starts, or in allocated slots throughout your agenda. Give your attendees an opportunity to clear their minds and take a moment away from the event
  • This is a versatile activity that can take place in a hotel, a local park or in the comfort of your own home

Mobile Massage, Foot Spas and Hand Treatments

  • These ideas are not space intensive, but during breaks and lunch could be a welcome offer to your attendees. A quick 10-minute shoulder and neck massage, foot rubs or hand masks allow for people to have time for self-care
  • However amazing it would be, you can’t realistically send a masseuse to each of your attendee’s homes if your event is virtual/hybrid, however you can send out mini self-care kits! A simple and effective way to encourage everyone to take time for themselves

Be active!

  • Activity is not only good for the body, but also for the soul! Introducing an activity that gets attendees moving will be beneficial for all. This can be done in a very cost-effective way by simply allowing time and providing walking maps for around or near to the venue, alternatively you can bring in a professional to lead a session. Just remember to be aware of attendee attire and accessibility for all
  • Once again, this is an easy transfer to a virtual/hybrid environment – realistically anything that would be lead in a conference room with lots of people, should be able to be completed in an individual’s living room. Alternatively, you can also provide the links to great resources such as Ramblers or Walking for Health where people can find walking routes of all lengths and durations near to them!

It doesn’t have to be hard to implement a strong mental wellbeing strategy into your events, it shows you care about your attendees which ultimately should be the focus of any event you plan. The simple approach is often the most effective, and with everything that we’ve all been through in the past 18 months wellbeing has to be considered. We may have all been in the same storm, but we certainly haven’t all been in the same boat.

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Vicky Gardner

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I have worked in the Events industry since 2005 and can honestly say I don’t think any two days are ever the same!! One of my passions in life is planning and this industry allows me to do this on a daily basis, while meeting a huge variety of different people – from all walks of life – all over the world.

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