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Since joining ZiaBia in December 2021, I have taken responsibility for managing our supplier relationships. This means ensuring that ZiaBia is constantly building and reinforcing its connections with suppliers. From venues, hotels, and DMCs to activity providers, production companies and entertainment agencies.

Why focus on supplier relationships?

One of the reasons that our clients trust our services is the quality of our industry knowledge.

When we propose venues for an event, these decisions are grounded in knowledge built up over years of talking to, and working with, our venue contacts. By investing time in growing these relationships, we are able to stay up-to-date when it comes to new venue openings and refurbishments. This is in both the UK and also overseas.

Meeting new suppliers

When meeting with suppliers, we record all of the information and updates we receive for future reference. We maximise the benefit of this knowledge by sharing it within the team. We make this clear to suppliers, so that they know how seriously we take each and every supplier relationship.

It has been fantastic to meet people from all across the events sector, and hear industry perspectives outside the bubble of an agency. By interacting with a wide variety of suppliers we are exposed to new ideas and services. All of this keeps us at the cutting edge!

In my meetings, I have enjoyed learning about the possibilities for events on luxury trains, in cinemas, and on river yachts. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ever-expanding variety of event solutions on offer!

Looking ahead

A focus on relationships also allows us to progress in parallel with our partners. I have learned about upgrades to environmental policies – such as bringing in more electric car charging points, and introducing carbon-labelled catering menus – which encourages me to keep asking questions about sustainability during the event planning process.

A recent piece of research for team-building activities has brought me into contact with inspiring companies that are setting the standard for socially responsible activities, including group beach cleans and events centred on building emergency kits for local charities.

Ultimately, the information we receive and the lessons we learn from our supplier relationships allow us to provide a better product to our clients. We give the most up-to-date options for forward-thinking events, and have engaging ideas to hand when we are asked for something a little outside the box!

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Paola Davis

Senior Project Manager
Author Bio:
I have been working in the events industry for the past 15 years in various guises. In-house corporate and non-profit, freelancer and co-founding an events trade show. Working with ZiaBia gives me a fantastic opportunity to bring all this experience together.

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