Customer Discussion Event

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Event Details

  • Number attended: 35
  • Year: 2016
  • Client: Elavon Roundtables
  • Location: London, England
In November 2015, ZiaBia were handed a brief by Elavon UK. A two-day roundtable event to be held in May 2016.

There were two different styles of client on each day, 30 people at each event. Looking through the brief it showed that the clients were of CEO calibre. So, how were ZiaBia going to make this a stand out event, with added wow factor, for all those CEOs who will have been to many highbrow events before?


It came down to two words – WOW FACTOR.

We had to blow the minds of these people, make them remember this event, so they want to talk about it over dinner parties.

So what and where could we get as a location, a true one off? Manor Houses – been done before, bit too wedding. Hotel with a cabaret set up – bit too office Christmas party. Outside venue – bit risky, this is the UK after all, it is bound to rain. A moored historic ship like The Cutty Sark or HMS Belfast – good call, but it needed to be more WOW!

We trawled through various venues, but we did have an ace card up our sleeves. Whether we could get the venue to agree was another thing. Eventually through some commendable negotiating on our part, we had it.

Westminster Abbey! The place where crowning of Kings and Queens has taken place, of Royal marriages and resting places of legends. A majestic venue and a highlight of our events in 2016. The event finally took place in November, so just as well we didn’t decide on an outside venue!

As an event for opening networking and discussions, Cheyneygates was picked as the venue within the Abbey. This room was once leased to Elizabeth Woodville and was the birthplace of her son Edward V. Tea, coffee, and lunch was served in Cheyneygates.

There was also an exclusive drinks reception at the Cellarium to end the day, where following a talk by the Canon, there was an opportunity to go on a once in a lifetime tour of the Abbey.

As a bonus, there was also a private, personalised tour of the Crypt. The crypt houses 22 Royals such as Edward I, Henry V, William III and Charles II. This is also the final resting place of dignitaries Neville Chamberlain, Charles Darwin and Rudyard Kipling to name but a few. That was certainly one for the memory banks of those that attended this event.

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