Families Social Evening – National Summer Games 2013

Case Study | Face to Face Event Management

Event Details

  • Number attended: 1000
  • Year: 2013
  • Client: Special Olympics GB
  • Location: Bath, England
Special Olympics GB were holding their 9th National Summer Games in August 2013, scheduled to take place in Bath. As part of the games, the Families Programme is arranged, for the family members attending and supporting the athletes. The highlight of the programme is a social evening to encourage networking, to relax, enjoy the surroundings of the host city. It is also a chance to meet other families from across the country.

The brief was to work closely with Special Olympics GB, and in turn both Bath and North East Somerset Council and the local Lions, who were both sponsors of the evening, to deliver the event. ZiaBia already had an excellent existing relationship with B&NES, due to their work on the Opening Ceremony. It was, therefore, a smooth process to put all documents and requirements in place.

In addition to this, ZiaBia also sourced all the local suppliers and entertainment needed to create the evening. We also ensured local residents were kept updated on what would be happening.


Set up started in the morning as a Hog Roast was being served that evening. This needed to be in situ in the Gardens in order to begin the cooking process. This area was cordoned off from the public, as the park was still open at this time.

The Gardens were closed to the general public at 4.00pm on the day. A local team of Lions and SOGB Volunteers were on hand to assist with the numerous deliveries from suppliers, which included additional catering, furniture, audiovisual and lighting and the entertainment for the evening.

Sound Checks and rehearsals took place quickly and guests then began to arrive and food and drinks were then served.

The Show for the evening, taking place on the band stand in the Gardens, included the Pandemonium Drummers, who had performed at the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, Local Band, The B Sides and Clyve and the Soul City Foundation performing an acoustic version of the Games song within their set.

The evening ended on a high with a collaboration between Clyve and the Soul City Foundation and the Pandemonium Drummers.

Challenges & Solutions

Access for set up and limited set up time – as Parade Gardens are located centrally in Bath, access for unloading is on an extremely busy road. In addition to this, the gardens are open to the general public all day, so all suppliers were delivering during the same 30 minute period.

A well timed plan was implemented to ensure deliveries were staggered. ZiaBia worked with B&NES to arrange access for street unloading at key times. An army of Volunteers and local Lions were on hand to assist with unloading and everything was moved and installed into the Gardens as quickly as possible.

Rehearsals and sound checks had to take place in a 45 minute period for the 3 bands and in addition sound levels had to be set with B&NES.

Timing again was key, as a huge amount had to be achieved in a short period. ZiaBia worked with all entertainment acts in advance, to ensure this process was as smooth and efficient as possible so that sound levels could be set and tested as required in the timescales set.

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