Should you use an Event Management Agency to plan your next event?

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So should you work with an event management agency?  
Yes, of course you should!!

Especially if you don’t have anyone with event experience in your team. Or if you haven’t used an agency before to know what the benefits are. There is also so much support and experience we can offer.

What an event management agency can offer you 

  • We are flexible in our approach.
  • We understand that one sizes does not fit all terms of delivery and budget.
  • We offer a tailored solution for each and every brief.
  • We become an extension of your team and take care of those finer points – as the devil is truly in the detail when it comes to making any event a success.
  • We have simple and straight forward systems in place that allow us to be time efficient on your behalf.

There are so many benefits to using our services when planning events, not least saving your own team their time, anxiety and stress. By outsourcing elements of planning pre event and on the day itself, we can reduce this dramatically and even help get a better return on investment.

Investing in your event’s success

But its expensive to use an event management agency we hear you say!

  • Yes, there is a fee to use our service that is true.
  • Yes, depending on the size and complexity of your event. This may seem to be quite high in the first instance.
  • However, we will prove to you during the event planning stages that we are worth every penny!

We have seen and heard many stories where businesses plan their events internally with varying levels of success whether they are corporate, or charity based. We understand the dread and fear that can be felt when anyone senior says

“We want to do a conference, customer event, away day or a dinner”

Our support and experience can alleviate these feelings.

Ensure your return on investment

There are instances where, an event is planned and people invited with no clear goals set, other than to get bodies in a room. It is only after the event that the return on investment and the outcomes are discussed.

When we work with you, we do the research, negotiation and communication with all parties involved, including your guests. This gives you time to actually think about what it is you want your event to achieve. And we can even help you with this part as well!

The value-add and experience we can bring to your event, outweigh the cost of investing in our services. We have a huge amount of experience with event delivery – whether virtual, hybrid or live – and a cross section of knowledge of event types and industry sectors which means we can offer a very rounded approach.

Benefit from our experience

We have been around a while – we know what works and doesn’t work and we already have relationships in place to to bring in partners to work alongside us.  We carefully select our partners to fit your ethos and culture and more importantly your budget.

Of course, an event management agency is not for everyone and this really does depend on how your internal team want to work – but maybe, just maybe, it is worth a chat!

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Vicky Gardner

Author Bio:
I have worked in the Events industry since 2005 and can honestly say I don’t think any two days are ever the same!! One of my passions in life is planning and this industry allows me to do this on a daily basis, while meeting a huge variety of different people – from all walks of life – all over the world.

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